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My goal is to assist clients and help them with their language needs, whether translating or interpreting, in different language combinations.

Regarding written translation, I have been working for 18 years providing two specialized services:
- Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Translation, and
- Translation for International Organizations.

Regarding oral interpreting, I am experienced in:
- Simultaneous Interpreting (in-the-booth) in conferences organized by pharmaceutical companies, and
- Interpreting in workshops and talks on education and personal development.

My interpreting services are called NOMADE because I am a nomad and, no matter where the client needs me or where I am currently staying, I work in the same conditions as a Local Interpreter.

I coordinate working groups with another high-qualified language specialists whenever is needed for a specific project.

Tell me what your language needs are and I will answer you shortly.


Professional Status



Translating for International Organizations

Carmen Hurtado González
Since 2006
Responsibilities completed
  • Annual reports, specialized reports, letters, resolutions, Committee's decisions, Press Releases, websites,...
  • Due to the nature of international organizations, I am used to work in a rush basis whenever is needed.
  • I follow UN guidelines regarding grammar, syntaxis, terminology, style and linguistic conventions.
Detailed Description
  • Since 2014, External Translator for an international organization based in Geneva focusing in the defence of democracy and the human rights of parliamentarians and on the promotion of gender equality
  • End-clients: European Parliament, European Commission, United Nations agencies and other agencies associated